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If you are interested in more completely identifying with our churches, please speak to Rev. Kirkley. Church membership is a more complete statement of where you are in life.

Announcements for the bulletin may be given to Rev. Kirkley on Sunday mornings or you may call the office by Sunday 6 p.m. 410-397-3130. In my absence voice mail will take your message. For urgent calls please call at our home: 410-397-3498. Never hesitate to call the pastor at home. If we are not there voice mail will be on. Personal needs and prayer requests are urgent calls.

You know there are people in the country who would like to keep their church small because it gives them a sense of ownership and privacy. Small churches are great for them but that attitude really undermines what the church of Jesus Christ is all about. We are to grow by reaching out to others. No church, if it really is a church, ever belongs to those who worship there. Each church truly belongs to Jesus Christ and we have the honor of serving Him through our church. The United Methodist Church has the slogan "Open Doors - Open Minds - Open Hearts". When it comes to a church, bigger is always better because more can do more. You can have larger programs, a more effective ministry, and touch more lives for Jesus Christ.

Help your church to grow by inviting others to attend also. There are many people who would love to be invited to a church but no one has ever asked them. Serve Jesus Christ by inviting people to your church.

Rev. Bob Kirkley

Calling everyone: Do you have an idea that will help our Churches to grow and minister to more people? Don't keep it to yourself but share it with other Church people and with Rev. Kirkley.

New ideas are always welcome and serving others is what we are about. Your idea may be the key to greater service and success.