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Planting at Old Trinity

Dunnock Johnson Family ~ Dorchester & Washington DC

Old Trinity as it is known, has been on the banks of Church Creek since the late 1600s. The Church still has Sunday services and some even arrive on the water and use the dock. Trinity's cemetery has served the Dorchester community for most of its history.
It is the final rest of many members of the Woolford, Dunnock, Asplen, and Linthicum families and allied families as well as many hundreds of others from Dorchester.

Old Trinity at twilight March 22, 2003
photo Jacque-Lynne Schulman

Dock on Church Creek awaits Sunday worshippers
The grave of one of Sarah's sisters soon in bloom March 22, 2003


Photograph September, 2002 by Jacque-Lynne Schulman
Fall Planting for Spring Flowers
November 1st, bulbs are started for next Spring.


In the photos, the grave of one of William Woolford's sons, gets bulbs for next Spring, courtesy of two Woolford/Dunnock cousins. Come this Spring, some of the 300 bulbs (those that the squirrels do not get), should produce a nice display.

Stevens Woolford, our Captain in the Revolutionary War and his wife, now have 45 red, white, and blue tulips. This is not what the DAR means by a grave marking but we could start a new DAR tradition. The grave is already marked by the SAR, in fact, and this (bulb) marking was done by two Daughters. Stevens' grandson William, his great-grandson Capt. Lee of the Emma Giles, and other Woolfords, Dunnocks, and family have daffodils and hyacinths (also red, white & blue). And dear Sarah Brooks Woolford has a row of pink, blue, and white anemones.

We hope the squirrels are happy. They did watch our 3 hour-long project with great interest!