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Amann Family

Dunnock Johnson Family ~ Dorchester & Washington DC

From Alsace Lorraine to New York

Ignace Leon Amann was born in Alsace, France February 7, 1850. He was educated there and then came to the United States, landing in New York January 30, 1872, and locating in Verona, where he was engaged in farming. May 15, 1877, he married Josephine A. Schwarz, who came from Philadelphia, Jefferson county, N.Y., when five years of age. They have five children: Louise V., Minnie T., J. Albert, Josephine A., and Leona M. Mr. Amann is a member of the Benevolent Order of the C. M. B. A., No. 60, Rome, N.Y. The 6th child Ignace Leon "Lee" was born June 20, 1096.

Anthony Amann, his father, was born at the old home in Alsace. He married Theresa Wind, of that place, by whom he had ten children, of whom the following grew to maturity: Joseph, Antone, Salome, Andrew, Nicholas, Mary and Ignace L. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Amann are dead. Mrs. Amann's father, Joseph Schwarz, was born in Germany in 1824. He married Balbina Becherer, and came to the United States in 1852, going to Utica first, afterwards to Detroit, Mich., and then to Philadelphia, N.Y. They had twelve children: Sabina (who died at sea), Wilhelmina, William A., Joseph E., Josephine A., John S., Mary M., Francis L., Louisa T., Nettie B., Alvin H., and Emma H. (who died at the age of fifteen). Mr. Schwarz died July 6, 1875. The family is of French and German descent.

From Wager, Daniel. Our County and Its People, Part III: Family Sketches. Boston: The Boston History Company, 1896.

Lineage has been submitted and accepted by a number of hereditary societies.  Supporting information will be freely shared with family members - just ask.

Colonial Dames, 17th Century - Several of Edna's aunts and cousins were early members of the National Society of Colonial Dames, 17th Century. Her grand daughter has continued the tradition and established a new ancestrial line for Roger Woolford, II grandson of Levin Denwood and son of Roger Woolford of Hungars Parish. Lines have also been approved for Elizabeth Ennalls, Bartholomew Ennalls, Levin Denwood, and Arthur Whitely and others for 18 in all.

Daughters of the War of 1812 - A new ancestrial lines have been established: Corporal Zachiariah Brewer was killed in the line of duty serving in the 14th Infantry Division. His grandson was Henry Fenton Brewer (1st) -- Whittington Johnson, his son Hambleton; William Woolford and Levin MacNamara. These men all served to protect our Eastern Shore.

United Daughters of the Confederacy - The service of Captain Oliver Perry Johnson in the Virginia 32nd has been established. He was the elder brother of Cornelius W. Johnson.

Jamestowne - Captain James Davis first sailed from England for the VIrginia Company from England in 1607. He again sailed for Virginia on the "Virginia" on June 8th 1609 from Falmouth, England, the largest fleet ever sent over to Virginia, full of people and provisions. He was in command of the "Virginia" one of nine vessels of the fleet known as the "Third Supply" which assembled at Falmouth and proceeded to Virginia by way of the Azores.  It carried with it the new Charter of the Virginia Company, which had been drafted by Sir Francis Bacon and signed by King James I. James Davis is an ancestory of Sarah Brooks Woolford. The Muster of 1621 shows Edmund Chisman (Cheeseman) with his brothers. Edmund is the ancestor of Mary Levin MacNamara Johnson. The Jamestowne Society is open to men and women.

Daughters of American Colonists - DAC lineage has been accepted for Roger Woolford through Sarah Brooks Woolford and her descendants.

Society of the Descendants of Early Quakers - From Levin Denwood, lineage has been accepted in this Society. It is open to men and women.